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Manawatu Class Blog - Year 6 last?

Manawatu on: Manawatu Class Blog - Year 6

Well a week has passed and so snow!  We've been learning about Viking and Saxon myths and legends this week and Manawatu have just finished some extraordinary pieces of writing based upon these.  I think we may have even improved upon the originals.  Today Mrs Fernie has had the class completing lots of tricky maths problems - when I popped into the classroom earlier, I could see a lot of good 'thinking faces' everywhere!  I can't wait to see even more decorated Easter eggs tomorrow and I hope the Easter Bunny will be good to everyone over the holidays (me included!).  Manawatu have worked really hard this term and I'm very proud of their achievements - they should be too! Happy holidays and fingers-crossed for some nice spring weather over the next few weeks.

Snow, science and sport!

Manawatu on: Manawatu Class Blog - Year 6

Term Four has been a bit of a roller-coaster ride so far. 'World Book Day' ended up turning into 'World Snow Day', but it was still fantastic to see so many great literary-inspired costumes - a big thank you to both parents and children for their support with this. Science Week was filled with some excellent experiments such as an egg drop with Mrs Fernie and some brilliant electricity workshops with Wellington School. Unfortunately very few of the eggs survived; it became more like a retelling of the story of Humpty Dumpty!

Next week is 'Sports Week'. I know that our PE co-ordinators have planned lots of exciting activities for our learners, including 'danceathons' and assault courses with the Army.  Let's hope the snow doesn't get too deep again!

Happy New Year!

Manawatu on: Manawatu Class Blog - Year 6

Well, we've only been back for a few weeks and Christmas already seems a distant memory!  Manawatu have been hard at work learning all about the language, history and culture of France; writing detailed guides about English grammar, spelling and punctuation; solving long division problems; and, most recently, practising some SATs-style questions.  It's been great learning about people's interests outside of school. We've had presentations about grandparents' medals and World War II; 'sock' animals and ninjas (!); flying machines and have even tasted some home-cooked French bread.  Next week, some us will be heading over to France. whilst those not going will be enjoying a couple of days of creative crafts, cooking and fun with Mrs Huggins. What a start to Term 3!

Happy Christmas from Manawatu

Manawatu on: Manawatu Class Blog - Year 6

What a fantastic time we've had this term! We've achieved so much, Manawatu have made loads of progress in their learning and have still found time to write and perform an assembly; organise and take part in a wonderful Christingle service (thank you Father David and Father Richard); create magnificent Christmas crafts; tell a range of spooky stories in the 'hobbit house'; go on an interesting trip to Salisbury Cathedral as well as creating a whole range of interesting and creative projects!  Next term we are looking forwarding to our trip to France as well as continuing to take part in a vast array of exciting and challenging learning activities.

All that remains is for us to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

The first Manawatu school blog!

Manawatu on: Manawatu Class Blog - Year 6

Hello and welcome to the first ever Manawatu school blog of this academic year.  You’ll be hearing much more about our learning over the coming months. We intend to use this blog as means of telling you about the different types of things we’ve been getting up to and for sending out reminders about things to do with our learning.


It’s been a fantastic start to the year and I know this is going to be a great cohort.  I’ve been kept on my toes in maths; amazed by incredible autobiographies; fascinated by intriguing science reports, awestruck by their self portraits and stunned by the student's use of metacognition to accelerate their learning.


I also wish to thank you for all the lovely cakes that have come in as part of this term’s homework (it was the children’s idea, honest!) - what fantastic bakers!