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Okataina Class Blog - Year 5

A busy start to a busy term!

Okataina on: Okataina Class Blog - Year 5

The days are flying by once again and we are in summer!  We had a mixed start to our 'Out and About' topic last week as the first place Mrs Huggins had planned for us to look at was our school pond. When we got there it was a disaster!  It had overgrown with roots and there was very little wildlife to be found, also a rather horrible smell. The good news however is that this gave us a great project to focus on - to rejuvenate our school pond.  We have researched the best methods, been out and cleared it and planted new pond plants and wild flowers to attract the insects.  We have recorded our work with a pond diary, written instructions and are now creating great information posters so that everyone who visits the pond can find out what kinds of wildlife they should be looking for.  We'll keep you updated on the progress throughout the term. 

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Okataina Catch-up!

Okataina on: Okataina Class Blog - Year 5

Wow time flies!  What a busy term this always is.  Beginning with Halloween and all sorts of spooky goings on in the Hobbit house, the class learned and re-enacted a speech by the Witches in Macbeth...and did a really great job.  They also researched nocturnal animals and made pumpkin hummus, which went down surprising well. Since then we have got really into our learning theme, Once Upon a Time and being Year 5, have added some twists and turns to the stories we love.  Watch out for that too in our Class Assembly, coming up this week on Wednesday (29th).  In between, we have also had Anti-bullying week, which produced some great work, including responses and discussions to films and scenarios and some great writing about what we would stand up for.  

We also had the privilege of being invited to 5 Rifle Remembrance Service, which was very moving.  The children were absolutely brilliant.  We were invited to the mess afterwards for juice and biscuits and an attempt to blow a bugle!  

Coming up, we have all the Christmas festivities to look forward to, including our craft fair and also our Meet and Greet on Thursday 7th, to which all parents are invited to come and have a cup of tea and a cake and have a classroom tour by the children.  

So much to do and so little time!

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Half Term Already!

Okataina on: Okataina Class Blog - Year 5

Half Term already!

Wow, it’s been a very fast and intense term in Okataina!

Our learning theme of ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ has helped us to learn about our own families and personal histories.  We have all created a family tree, with Summer going back to the 1800s!  We also all interviewed our families (with some very interesting responses!) and created a thematic map of where we live.  This has all led to an entertaining display (above)

One of our favourite days this term was No Pens Wednesday, where we focused on our communication skills through speaking and listening, rather than writing.  This led to some very entertaining sessions – leaf collecting, maths in the playground and drama.

We are all looking forward to a great autumn holiday and then back with renewed energy for more exciting learning next term. 

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Welcome to the World of Okataina!

Okataina on: Okataina Class Blog - Year 5

It's been an exciting start to Year 5.  In art, we have been looking at the work of Banksy and are working with stencils to create our own 'Banksy' masterpiece - we will post our results soon!  We met our new football coach from Southampton, Mr Tyson.  English has been quite tough as we are learning about different tenses in the past and how to use them to best effect and in maths, it's been all about place value, negative numbers and Roman Numerals. In our science forces work, we made paper planes and investigated the forces that affect how a plane flies. 

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