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Rangitoto Class Blog - Year 4

Up, Up and Away so far...

rangitoto on: Rangitoto Class Blog - Year 4

Rangitoto have been very busy this term, already achieving lots of great learning.

Last week was our class assembly and we really enjoyed seeing lots of our parents there, thank you for coming! We showcased the kites which we designed and made ourselves and had lots of fun flying. Flying them helped us evaluate them later, as the materials like the dustbin liners were definitely better in the rain than the tissue paper kites which just fell apart!

We have been learning about global geography this term and have been really excited to learn more about the equator and the Northern and Southern Hemisphere and the countries within them. We have even been able to locate countries using their GPS coordinates when learning about lines of latitude and longitude. Ask your child if they can remember which lines are horizontal and which are vertical on a world map to see if they can remember, we learnt a trick to help us!

Our class book, Tilly and the Time Machine, continues to engage and excite us this term. Tilly travels through time, visiting famous characters and places in history, such as Admiral Nelson, the World Cup 1966 Final (some children in particular enjoyed this chapter, as I'm sure you can imagine!) and Queen Victoria, who Tilly is about to have afternoon tea with. We're very intrigued to see what will happen next!

In Literacy, we have been using James and the Giant Peach as our book. We are up to where James has met some human sized insects, but luckily they're friendly and not going to eat him like he originally thought! We rewrote this section of the story to develop our tension building skills.

Thank you for supporting your children in all of their wonderful home learning, Mrs Desroches and I really enjoy seeing it and displaying their work in the classroom! We look forward to seeing more (and eating it in case of the jelly!).

Thank you for reading, we will post again soon.

Miss Abel and Rangitoto

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