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Takapuna Class

Butterflies and Raita

takapuna on: Takapuna Class

We have been very busy since coming back after the May half term. Before the holiday we were growing, feeding and watching some caterpillars grow in the classroom. We watched them develop into chrysalides and during the holiday they became Painted Lady butterflies. We were able to observe and feed them fruits for a couple of days before we gently released them into the wild.

This week we have been practicing our slicing, grating, chopping and designing skill. We tried some new foods such as mint and pepper and designed then made our own version of Raita. The children really enjoyed tasting one another's products and commenting on what they liked.

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Sharing our home learning and exploring habitats!

takapuna on: Takapuna Class

The children have become really confident sharing their home learning at school!

There have been lots of fantastic examples brought into the class recently and the children absolutely love the opportunity to show what they have been learning and making at home.

They are learning to listen carefully to one another, and ask each other thoughtful questions.

In science we have been really enjoying learning about habitats and microhabitats. We have spent a lot of time in our school garden, exploring and investigating the creatures and wildlife.

On Monday we will learn more about our local environment by walking up Kiwi Hill!

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Science week

takapuna on: Takapuna Class


We have had two particularly exciting events in Takapuna recently. We all braved the snow and made it in for National Book day at the beginning of the month. The children's costumes were magnificently creative. We had a real mix of traditional and modern characters. The children had a story from our special guest Mrs Bloom, we then read 'Where the Wild Things Are' and spent the morning making collages related to the story.

Later on in the term we had a very exciting science week! We had a special assembly from Mrs Fernie who showed us some magic tricks! Later in the week we learnt how to make our own lava lamps using water, oil and food colouring!

We also had a visit from Zoolab and we got to handle lots of exciting animals from all over the world!

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Design Technology and Cake Sale!

takapuna on: Takapuna Class

This week we have been very busy indeed!

We have continued our learning about Transport and made our own models using recyclable materials! The children explored different mechanisms and were able to create their own using their own chosen materials. We had cars, rockets, tanks and submarines, all with working mechanisms moving wheels and other features. The children learned to work safely and carefully with new tools and materials and they were very proud of their creations.

Later on in the week we welcomed many parents to purchase cakes and cups of tea. It was very relaxed and calm and the children really enjoyed being grown up, serving cakes to their parents and being the hosts! They also welcomed many parents into the classroom for a look around and to show off some of their recent work. After half term we will being our new topic, 'The Seaside'.

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Museum of Army Flying

takapuna on: Takapuna Class

Last week the whole of KS1 visited the Museum of Army Flying in Middle Wallop. The trip was a great success and the children were extremely polite, mature and sensible. We were given a tour of the museum, made our own helicopters out of paper, explored all the amazing planes and helicopters and even got to have a go inside a helicopter!

The children were really excited and enthused by what they saw and experienced and they have carried this enthusiasm back into the classroom where they have been working really hard.

Takapuna have produced some superb writing about their day which will shortly be on display in the corridors of Key Stage 1. We have also started learning about Amelia Earheart and the children have been asking some very thoughtful questions about the past.

Over the next couple of weeks we have our meet and greet coffee morning, where the children welcome you to purchase some of their baked goods and see some of the work they have completed. We will also have a go at designing and making our own vehicles out of cereal boxes!

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