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Whatatutu Class Blog - Year 2

Week 2

Whatatutu on: Whatatutu Class Blog - Year 2

Well our second week back at school has flown by and we are beginning to look towards Christmas with the Teachers thinking about the Nativity. Letters about parts and costumes will be out about this soon to ensure you all have plenty of time to help us look the part!

In English this week we have been listening to Oral stories and using our imaginations to think of the pictures that would go with the story. Then we thought about our own stories and have started to write them, we are beginning to extend our sentences to add description.

Maths has been hard this week as we are halving and doubling which is ok to 10, but after that some of us find it really tricky. We have been folding lots of paper and drawing shapes as well as using numbers to help us, we are getting there Miss Wood thinks.

Science involved us being active this week as we discussed exercise and how it helps keep us fit and healthy. We looked at how much exercise we should be doing as well as different forms of exercise. We even had a go at a little yoga!

In history we are looking at toys and this week we started to look at toys from the past and how they compare to our toys now. It would be really handy if you would show us your toys, or the toys your parents would have played with.


We are back....

Whatatutu on: Whatatutu Class Blog - Year 2

Our first week back has been busy, with Halloween and now Bonfire night! We made pumpkins on our first day back, which we hope you liked and were hung up ready for the trick or treaters. We also wrote targets we would like to achieve by Christmas to go on our Aspiration tree.

Our topic this term is Once upon a time, so we are looking at Imaginary stories in English. We have started reading a story called ‘The bear and the piano’ by David Litchfield. It has a lovely storyline and is full of beautiful illustrations, we have created some great story maps to re-tell the story.

Maths has been hard we have looked at clockwise and anti-clockwise and ¼ turns and now we are starting to look at multiplication as well as odd and even numbers. Although it sounds hard we have really impressed Miss Wood and taken it all in our stride.

In history we are now discussing and researching toys, old and new! We looked at toys from the past and toys we play with now, discussing the differences, what they were made of and how they look different. We then drew and labelled our very own favourite toy and wrote why we liked it so much. Surprisingly most of us chose an I-pad or a games console as our favourite!

Enjoy the fireworks this weekend!


Nearly half term.....

Whatatutu on: Whatatutu Class Blog - Year 2

As usual we have been busy in Whatatutu over the past week. We practised hard for the harvest festival, ensuring we had actions to help us remember the autumn days song. I hope you enjoyed watching us and could hear us as Miss Wood seemed to think we were quite loud!

Over the past few weeks we have been looking at information texts and their features, we have been researching different pets and how information texts about them are written. We are now starting to write our own information texts about an unusual pet, we have researched the pets on the laptops and are now starting to make our own information page.

In maths we have been continuing to work with money and recognising our number bonds to help us find change and add amounts together. This week we have started to measure, using centimetres. We know how many centimetres are in a decimetre, a ruler and a metre. We have measured lots of different items around the classroom as well as ourselves and our feet!

We are now practising our class assembly for you to come and watch on Wednesday. We have re-written the Story 'John Patrick Norman Mchennessey – The boy who was always late', with our own writing. We hope you enjoy it!


Whatatutu with no pens....

Whatatutu on: Whatatutu Class Blog - Year 2

We have had a varied week in Whatatutu this week, with lots of different maths going on, catching up on odd bits of work from last week and then No pens Wednesday. However this has not stopped us from working hard and displaying all of our great learning.

We have found Maths challenging this week, as we have been trying to find change from 20p when we spend a certain amount. That is tricky, we had to add and then take away and it all got a little confusing. We are going to do more practise of our number bonds. We also did some work on time this week, Marvin and Angus were particularly confident in telling the time to the nearest quarter of an hour, Well done!

In English we have been writing letters based on the book ‘Dear Teacher’, our letters are all about the adventures we have been on which is why we are late to school (Sorry Miss Wood!). We are writing them up and making our own illustrated pages for them to go on for a wonderful display, we will post a picture or two when we are all done.

No pens Wednesday was fun! Our school councillors came around and helped us build bug houses, let us do some fantastic art, where we got to colour and stick as well as play some great games. We really enjoy them coming in to visit us, thank you Sangina and Summer. We also ordered events from our story in guided reading and used little clocks to show different times to the nearest half an hour. We did all of this without using a pen or pencil, Alex said ‘No pens Wednesday is the best!’

Hopefully you will be able to see a picture or two this week.

Thank you.

From Whatatutu

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Postcards, letters and Money!

Whatatutu on: Whatatutu Class Blog - Year 2

In Whatatutu this week we have been reading two different books called John Patrick Norman McHennessy, the boy who was always late and Dear Teacher. Both stories involve a boy who gets into trouble or mischief and why he is always late to school. This has led us onto write our own postcards and now we are beginning to write our own letters. Angus wrote a particularly good postcard and Kevin set his letter out beautifully, well done Whatatutu for some really great writing.

In Maths we have started to look at money, we have been identifying different coins, adding different amounts together and even finding out how much change we might have if we spend a certain amount. Dawson and Annabel have had to be set further challenges in maths this week as they have been rocketing through!

This week in topic we used apparatus in PE to show different ways we can move and travel. In geography we started to make our own globe, we are going to label all the continents and oceans on them as well. Due to the weather we still haven’t completed our science investigation but we are set to do that this week and we can’t wait to tell you the results.