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Whatatutu Class Blog - Year 2

Traditional tales and outside art

Whatatutu on: Whatatutu Class Blog - Year 2

Last week in Whatatutu we completed lots of little quizzes to help Mr Taylor and Miss Wood judge what to teach us next and allow them to see how we have got on this year. We all tried really hard, Miss Wood was really proud (She even let us watch a film!).

This week we have got straight back into our learning, in maths we are looking at fractions of amounts and designing our own flags to make it a little more interesting. In English we are focusing on Traditional tales and in particular Little red riding hood, we will be re-writing the story ourselves and adding some interesting vocabulary. In the afternoons we are making the most of the nice weather and focusing on our art and science topics which involves getting outside and looking at our local environment.

We are looking forward to our walk up Kiwi hill on Monday, we will be collecting things on route for our Art project which we will photograph when we are done. Then its half term, this term seems to have flown by.

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Busy, Busy, Busy!

Whatatutu on: Whatatutu Class Blog - Year 2

What a busy start to term 5!

We have been story writing in English and what a brilliant job we have done. We wrote our own adventure stories and Miss Wood thought some of our work could be published it was that good! Kevin shared his work with Mrs Fernie and she seemed impressed with his strong storyline and beautifully presented work. Well done Whatatutu!

Maths has been recapping place value, shape and direction. We are really confident with place value now and can even stop and swap our tens in addition and subtraction. Ask us about it and I am sure we will be able to show you! We have been looking at different properties of 3d shapes and can organise the shapes into different graphs and diagrams, we even drew our own Venn Diagrams.

In Science we have started looking at animals and their habitats. We are going to be investigating local habitats and looking at those further afield through research on the internet and books. We love animals and our chicks hatched over the weekend so we have spent lots of time watching, holding and finding out about them over the past week.

Geography has seen us drawing our own maps! We drew the route we take to school using a key to identify the things we see and pass on the way to and from school. This was fun and some of them are really detailed.

We will share some of our writing with you next week.

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Museum of Army Flying

Whatatutu on: Whatatutu Class Blog - Year 2

We cannot believe it is week 3 already! We have packed so much in, including a trip to The Museum of Army Flying which we loved. We had a really busy day!

We went by coach to the Museum which I think was the most exciting part for some of us. We then made paper aeroplanes and helicopter propellers as well as colouring different army aircraft. After this we looked around a 1940s house which was small and there was no TV! Then we got to look around the museum, there were so many different kinds of aircraft to look at, touch and even climb into. The flying car was funny, it had really long propellers and not sure it would really be very safe on the road. After lunch we dressed up in different uniforms, all of them were for different pilots and purposes, we even got to practice our air traffic control techniques (This was funny!). Finally we all went on a hunt for teddy bears around the museum, this meant we got to see lots of things we didn’t see before. It was a great day and we wrote some lovely recounts about it, even completing our own editing. Miss Wood is super proud and we will share them with you once our display is done and we can take pictures.

We are now focusing on the author Anthony Browne and are going to write our own stories based on his book ‘The night shimmy’.

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Welcome back

Whatatutu on: Whatatutu Class Blog - Year 2

Sorry about our lack of blogs but as you can imagine the run up to Christmas was just a little manic, we were very busy with the Nativity as well as Christmas lunches, sales, crafts and fun. We all had a great break and hope you did too.

We have come back to school and got straight on with our learning, last week we looked at multiplication in maths and focused on punctuation and tenses in our English work. Miss Wood is hoping we are all set to write some amazing recounts about our trip the Army flying museum and following that some brilliant stories in the style of Author Anthony Browne (We will let you know how we get on.).

Our topic this term is up, up and away, and we have not held back with getting stuck in. We are looking at different transport through history and focusing on aeroplanes and flight, as well as everyday materials in science and why we use the materials we do for specific jobs. Although this term is short, we have lots to fit in so hope you will help us with our homework and you can keep up to date on here.

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Cooking chocolate kisses.

Whatatutu on: Whatatutu Class Blog - Year 2

The Nativity is well under way now, we hope you love it as much as we are enjoying rehearsing it. Miss Brewer has been great preparing all our dances and Mr Taylor has adapted our script to perfection.

We are now starting instructions in English we are focusing on imperative (bossy) verbs, commas and apostrophes. We have been looking at different recipes and comparing their difficulty, what makes them difficult and how they could be followed. We tested a recipe out and made chocolate kisses today, they were super yummy! Miss Wood says she will attach the recipe and then we could make them with you at home.

In maths we have been adding and subtracting single digit numbers to two digit numbers crossing 10, this has been tricky but we have used bead strings to help us and most of us seem to be able to do this now. We are having a quick look at shape before we head back to addition and subtracting for the end of term. We discussed how many sides pentagons, hexagons and Octagons have, so please ask me to draw you one.

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