Kiwi Primary School

Hubert Hamilton Road, Bulford Camp, Wiltshire, SP4 9JY


Kevin the Kiwi

Kevin joined Kiwi School in 2016. Since then, he has been all over the world with members of the school community. His school jumper is decorated with badges from many of the places he has visited and when he has time, he loves to look back through his photo albums to reminisce about his travels.
Kevin has visited Kenya and been on safari as well as catching the ferry to Ireland to explore the Giant’s Causeway ! He has helped many families move house and he loves a visit to a theme park such as Paulton’s. Kevin has also climbed Mount Kilimanjaro; it was very hard and he had to work as part of a team, persevering and not giving up! He loves a challenge and although he is sometimes afraid, he always tries his best - he loved completing his first skydive!
Kevin has been joined at Kiwi by his BEST friends: Belonging Bear, Eager Elephant, Smart Squirrel and Trying Tortoise. Kevin and his friends are very good at reminding the children of the school motto 'Try your best to be your best' and they love to see the children make great choices about their learning and behaviour.