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Mental Health & Wellbeing

If you have any concerns around your child's mental health and emotional wellbeing, please contact the school's senior mental health leads, Mrs Eatherington or Mr D Haydn-Davies, via the school phone number 01980 632364 or by e-mailing: They are always happy to listen and advise and will signpost you to available support and services. 

Additionally, we have our own team of School Councillors across school. These are children who have taken on the role to promote and support the mental health and well-being of all our children in school. Meeting monthly, the children gather feedback from across the school, develop ideas to promote and educate pupils on well-being and mental health and then feedback to classes. There are play playtime buddies at playtime an lunchtime to support daily and can be identified by their orange high viz tops. 

Within Kiwi School, all our staff follow a trauma Informed approach in class and across the wider school. We offer well-being sessions and ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants) with our trained pastoral team. Please look at the pages on our school website for information on these. Or for more information, please speak to a member of school staff on school number: 01980 632364 or email at: 

Please use the links below to access some useful wellbeing resources, such as the storytime mental health activity pack, full of activities for parents to complete with their children. 

Emotional Wellbeing Apps 

As a school we appreciate that sometimes pupils may struggle with their emotional wellbeing. In order to support parents, we have produced a list of useful children’s apps that promote good emotional and physical wellbeing that you may wish to download for your child to use. Apps are free to download but please be aware that some may have in-app purchases. 

Headspace app – guidance on how to meditate. 

Sesame Street Breathe, Think, Do – suitable for EYFS children.[Text Wrapping Break] 

Mindful Powers – teaches mindful play and can improve focus. (apple devices) 

 NHS Chillpanda – teaches breathing techniques. 

 Mindful Gnats – suitable for KS2 pupils. 

 Daylio – mood tracker. Looks at what children have been doing and how they feel. 

 Sleep Town – town grows overnight if children are getting the right amount of sleep. 


The Happy Maps website has a whole host of helpful tips and links to help support you and your child. The below links are for children aged between the primary years, though there is a section for older children too.  



School Refusal 


Encouraging Good behaviour and habits 

Coping with Divorce and Separation 

Internet safety 


Coping with grief 

Low mood 

Problems toileting 

Self harm 


Body image 

Gender Identity 



Please visit the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) website for information and advice: 

Parenting Support 

Please access the Place2Be Parenting Smart website for lots of practical tips and guides to supporting children's wellbeing and behaviour. 

Place2Be: Parenting Smart: Articles