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At Kiwi School, we're dedicated to providing comprehensive pastoral care that nurtures the holistic development of our pupils and families. Our commitment to supporting their emotional well-being is at the heart of everything we do.

Within our school community, we have established a range of support systems tailored to meet the diverse needs of our pupils. Our team of Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSAs) offer compassionate guidance and assistance to pupils facing emotional challenges. Whether it's helping them navigate friendship issues, cope with stress, or develop self-confidence, our ELSAs provide a safe and supportive environment for pupils to express themselves and grow.

We also take special care to support the children of military families through our Little Troopers program. Understanding the unique challenges these pupils may face due to their parents' service, we provide specialised resources and support to ensure they feel valued and included within our school community.

Additionally, we recognise the crucial role parents play in their child's educational journey. That's why we offer a range of parent support initiatives, including workshops, opportunities for parental involvement, and our  Coffee Mornings held on the last Thursday of every month. These informal gatherings provide a chance for parents to connect with each other, share experiences, and receive valuable parental advice. While we don't offer formal counselling services, we pride ourselves on providing a listening ear and offering supportive guidance whenever needed. By fostering strong partnerships between home and school through these initiatives, we aim to create a supportive network that empowers pupils to thrive both academically and emotionally.

At Kiwi School pastoral care is not just a program—it's a commitment to the well-being and success of every pupil. Together, as a caring and inclusive community, we strive to create an environment where pupils feel supported, valued, and inspired to reach their full potential.

Meet the Pastoral Team 

Mrs Hobbs - Parent Support Work- Pastoral Lead

Mrs Weaver- Pastoral Support Assistant, ELSA 

Mrs Jones- Pastoral Support Assistant , ELSA