Kiwi Primary School

Try your best to be your best

Hubert Hamilton Road, Bulford Camp, Wiltshire, SP4 9JY




Try your best to be your best 

Kiwi school is at the heart of a military community and our values reflect this. Most of our children will only be with us for a part of their primary schooling. Our values have developed to support the needs of our community and they inform everything we do at Kiwi school. 

The aim at Kiwi school is to provide opportunities for children to develop as independent, creative, resilient and principled learners. Our curriculum accounts for the legal requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and Primary National Curriculum. The specific content and delivery of our curriculum is guided by our BEST values. These values emphasise the concepts of belonging, enthusiasm, responsibility, and perseverance to prepare children for the next stage of their lives. 

BEST values 

Our BEST values are represented by Belonging Bear, Eager Elephant, Smart Squirrel and Trying Tortoise. 

Belonging Bear reminds us to teach children to be polite, kind and welcoming. As part of a military community, this is vital. We aim to teach children to listen to and follow instructions so that everyone can be safe and happy. We belong to a diverse community and teach our children to celebrate our differences and respect one another. We recognise the importance of kindness and through our curriculum, teach children to be kind.  

Eager Elephant reminds us to teach children positive learning behaviours. We strive to support our children by teaching them how to concentrate and identify and work towards targets. We encourage children to listen to advice and think about how they can improve.  

Smart Squirrel encourages us to think about our choices. We teach children the importance of respecting and taking responsibility for our learning and environment as well as using our time productively. We teach children to make smart choices and take responsibility for their actions and words.  

Trying Tortoise reminds us to always try to be the best version of ourselves we can be. We teach children metacognitive skills and through our THRIVE practices we encourage the children to embrace challenge. We teach children that challenge is a necessary and vital part of the learning process and that with bravery and resilience, we can improve ourselves and encourage those around us to keep trying.