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Posted: Apr 23, 2018 by: coromandel on: Coromandel - Year 1

We have been lucky enough to get a incubator set at school which means that we can incubate eggs and watch them hatch and grow. This has fascinated the children so far and has lead them to ask some brilliant questions. We waited with baited breath for the first tiny 'pip' to appear on Friday afternoon but- as luck would have it!- they all hatched at the weekend. Luckily we set up a timelapse camera so that we could catch it all.

We had 7 eggs of different breeds, and by 'candling' the eggs with a bright torch we could see that 6 had a chick growing inside them- we could see the eyes, beaks and some blood vessels inside!

After racing in on Monday morning, the children found out a bit more about what had happened from the videos and photographs. We also looked at some interesting blogs and learnt how the chick 'pips' through the air sac, takes a break to breathe and soak up the final yolk and blood, then starts to 'unzip' the egg in a line. Finally, it kicks and headbutts the egg apart!

Our 5 chicks that have hatched are all different breeds. They are: Maran, Aurachana, Light Sussex Cream Legbar, Buff Pekin Bantam (with fluffy feet!) and a Silver partridge pekin bantam (also fluffy feet!).

The chicks had to stay in the incubator until their fluff was totally dry. Now they have moved into their brooder box. We are all desperate to hold the chicks, but we are also letting them get used to their surroundings first.