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Out and About with Timaru!

Posted: Apr 25, 2018 by: timaru on: Timaru Class Blog

The theme this term is 'Out and About' and Timaru will be exploring this in many ways!

In English, we will be looking at Africa and how as a continent (not a country!) it is such a diverse place, full of wonderful things! We will be writing information texts - in the form of leaflets - covering the range of topics Africa has to offer, such as;

Wow facts and information

Cultural and Religious diversity




Famous places to go and attractions!

In Maths, we will be looking at statistics and how collected data can represented in various ways! This will lead onto Timaru collected their own data and showing what they have found in one of the methods!

In Science, we are looking at the the area of rocks and fossils. This will include the grouping of rocks and fossils, where are they found today, the range of rocks and fossils out there and how can they change! We will also be looking into the life and works of Mary Anning and her contributions to the study of Palaeontology!

In Topic, we are combining Geography and PE together! This will test a range of skills, such as teamwork, leadership, problem solving, planning and map work!

In Art, Timaru are focusing on the weird and wonderful world of insects! We will be having a go at producing pieces of art about the critters we find around every day!


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